24 March 2017


Get cat vision, save the planet

Philosopher Matthew Liao looks at ways to combat climate change through genetic engineering. Play entire video
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The prison of belief

Journalist Tony Ortega talks about the literal and metaphorical bars that keep people in Scientology. Plus: The sci-fi religion.

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Thinking younger, feeling younger

Psychologist Ellen Langer explains her research on the physical effects of mindfulness. Plus: How to make your dog love you more.

Theism and the simulation theory

Christian transhumanist Micah Redding argues that religion and science sometimes use different languages but talk about the same thing. Plus: Christian transhumanism.

Linking action with contemplation

Mennonite activist Mark Van Steenwyk talks about the interplay between Christian ethics, theology and mysticism. Plus: Trump is good business for anarchists.

The Wright Show

Why you may never die

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Philosopher David Wallace on the many-worlds interpretation of quantum physics. Plus: Taking quantum physics personally.