1 August 2015


In the beginning . . .

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Yoga’s weird sort of non-attachment

Michelle Goldberg, author of the new book The Goddess Pose, discusses the teachings of Indra Devi, who helped bring yoga to the West. Plus: Is yoga more than just exercise?

Meditation as medication

Psychologist Miguel Farias, author of The Buddha Pill, argues that using meditation for therapy is misguided. Plus: The dark night of the soul.

Faith and fairy tales

Judith Shulevitz argues that the Torah is true in the way that fairy tales are true. Plus: “God is in being good.”

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What gives us comfort in the face of death?

John Horgan and Sheldon Solomon discuss surprising results from studies of people contemplating death. Plus: Learning how to cope with mortality.  

Is there such a thing as moral truth?

Philosophers Daniel Kaufman and Massimo Pigliucci consider whether “moral realism” requires theism. Plus: Why we’ll never arrive at a single ethical theory.

From Orthodox Judaism to atheism

Philosopher and novelist Rebecca Newberger Goldstein explains how she lost her faith. Plus: Turning to Spinoza in moments of despair.

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Would taking a “morality pill” be immoral?

Joshua Knobe and Molly Crockett discuss the possibility of pharmaceuticals that would make you a better person.

Welcome to MeaningofLife.tv 2.0

We’re delighted to unveil a new website devoted to issues bearing on the meaning of life. This raises several questions. Who is this “we” who is so proud of this site? “We” are the ones who have been putting out Bloggingheads.tv—whose sister site MeaningofLife.tv is—for lo these many years. Why do we call this a “new” website if we’re also calling it “MeaningofLife.tv 2.0″? Well, back in the primordial era of internet video, one of us created a website called meaningoflife.tv, which has been dormant for a decade. What is the meaning of life? Sorry, we don’t do plot spoilers. We’ll leave that question for the people who appear on the site. What kinds of people are those? Like BhTV, MoLtv will feature people with differing viewpoints who enjoy thoughtful discourse free from the constraints imposed by mainstream TV and radio. What can you do to help? Glad you asked! You can start by clicking “Like” on the Facebook button below. Happy pondering!

Note  Some of the videos in this site’s archives first appeared on Bloggingheads.tv.

The Wright Show

When theologians appeared on the cover of Time

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Robert Wright and Gary Dorrien discuss the dramatic career of the influential mid-century theologian Paul Tillich. Plus: God as “the ground of being.”

The Wright Show

Synergy between science and religion?

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David Sloan Wilson describes how evolutionary theory can inform a “meaning system” that accommodates moral values as well as science. Plus: What’s the use of religion?

The Wright Show

“We take for granted ordinary human consciousness”

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Robert Wright and Joel Achenbach discuss whether the self really exists. Plus: How meditation supposedly works.