18 August 2018


Modern male stereotypes: Homer Simpson vs. Harvey Weinstein

Aryeh Cohen-Wade speaks with Philip Christman, author of the recent essay "What Is It Like to Be a Man?" Play entire video

Are philosophy departments in danger?

Philosophers Daniel Kaufman and Justin Weinberg consider.

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Yielding to belief

Stephen Asma, author of the new book Why We Need Religion, says the positive effects of religion in one’s life are more important than verifying its eternal truths.

The real story of the Stanford Prison Experiment

Journalist Ben Blum discusses new findings that raise big doubts about one of the most famous studies in the history of psychology.

Is corporate diversity a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

Philosophers Dan Kaufman and Brian Leiter discuss the capitalist motivations behind diversity initiatives in business and academia.

Is Jordan Peterson peddling bunkum?

Aryeh Cohen-Wade and Katie Herzog, who recently wrote about a Peterson show she attended in Seattle, consider.

Why do we laugh?

Economist Robin Hanson says laughter is about the preservation and violation of norms.

Are the deepest questions unanswerable?

Michael Shermer discusses his controversial Scientific American column on God, free will, and consciousness.

The Wright Show

The weirdest thing in physics

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Robert Wright and philosopher Tim Maudlin discuss quantum non-locality.

Trickle-down metaphysics

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Gary Lachman, author of the new book Dark Star Rising, says Nietzsche predicted the post-truth reality that made Trump’s presidency possible.

The Wright Show

Try this at home

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Philosopher Thomas Metzinger suggests using a hammer and a rubber glove to change your perception of your self.