20 February 2017


Terrorism as a spiritual challenge

A Sixty-Second Sermon by Robert Wright. Play entire video

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Meditate on this!

Former Buddhist monk Jason Siff makes the case for focusing on your body, not your breath. Plus: Beyond mere mindfulness.

Three signs you’re not getting enough sleep

Sleep researcher Robert Stickgold says different people need different amounts, but some rules apply to all.

Don’t trust that chimp!

Daniel Kaufman and Massimo Pigliucci argue that studying primate behavior is a bad way to learn about human nature. Plus: Are babies moral?

Science as a metaphor

Robert Wright, Michael Shermer, and Deepak Chopra debate Deepak’s views on the nature of reality. Plus: Would the universe exist without our minds?

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Accounts of abuse in EnlightenNext

Josh Summers and Alex Howard, maker of How I Created a Cult, discuss the power dynamics of a controversial spiritual movement. Plus: How do smart people end up in cults?

Everyone is biased but me

In this Sixty-Second Sermon Robert Wright dares you to mistrust your mind.

The Wright Show

All by yourself

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Rabbi Marc Katz, author of The Heart of Loneliness, explains how to combat loneliness. Plus: It’s lonely at the top.

Sixty-Second Sermons

Be creative!

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A Sixty-Second Sermon by psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman.


“Culture makes people”

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Daniel Kaufman and David Ottlinger on ideas that caused the decline of American liberalism. Plus: The illiberalism of the social justice movement.