19 January 2017


Mindful killers and thieves

Robert Wright and Buddhist scholar Dale Wright discuss how meditation can be used to do bad things more skillfully. Play entire video

Against empathy

Paul Bloom delivers a Sixty-Second Sermon based on his new book.

Why no word from space aliens?

Robert Wright offers an unsettling answer in this Sixty-Second Sermon.

The reversible universe

Transhumanist Giulio Prisco, founder of the Turing Church, on the physics that would make it possible to retrieve information from the past. Plus: Become a god for God.

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The meaning of evil

In this talk delivered at Fort Washington Collegiate Church, Robert Wright offers a modern interpretation of an ancient religious idea.

Your reality, scaled up

Marc Perkel makes the case for a cosmic perspective in this Sixty-Second Sermon.

The “L” word

When should you call someone a liar? A Sixty-Second Sermon by Robert Wright.


What would John Stuart Mill think?

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Daniel Kaufman and David Ottlinger discuss the relevance of the 19th-century philosopher’s ideas to the current debate on political correctness.

The Wright Show

Deep Blue

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Tech entrepreneur James Currier explains why he started Blue, a new spiritual community.

The Wright Show

The cosmic war wants you!

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Robert Wright and sociologist Mark Juergensmeyer consider the appeal of ISIS’s apocalyptic vision.