16 January 2017


The meaning of evil

In this talk delivered at Fort Washington Collegiate Church, Robert Wright offers a modern interpretation of an ancient religious idea. Play entire video

In this video:

The reversible universe

Transhumanist Giulio Prisco, founder of the Turing Church, on the physics that would make it possible to retrieve information from the past. Plus: Become a god for God.

Your reality, scaled up

Marc Perkel makes the case for a cosmic perspective in this Sixty-Second Sermon.

The “L” word

When should you call someone a liar? A Sixty-Second Sermon by Robert Wright.

Seeing invisible people

In this Sixty-Second Sermon Robert Wright extols the virtues of inverting your perspective.

Sweaters of the world, unite!

In this Sixty-Second Sermon, thermovangelist Jack Tsonis explains why the world needs more sauna.

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Being free together

Psychologist David Barash, author of Buddhist Biology, argues for combining exist­entialism with Buddhist notions of interconnectedness. Plus: The ecosystem of the self.

Is there a higher purpose?

Tenth in a series of video mashups in which some people you know, and some people you don’t know, are put on the spot.

The Wright Show

The cosmic war wants you!

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Robert Wright and sociologist Mark Juergensmeyer consider the appeal of ISIS’s apocalyptic vision.

Sixty-Second Sermons

Don’t try to escape

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In this Sixty-Second Sermon Josh Summers offers guidance on using meditation to face adversity.