21 October 2016


Lost in thought

Meditation teacher Daniel Ingram, author of Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha, on the pathology of our wandering minds. Play entire video

Women as a Marxist class

Daniel Kaufman explains why Joan Didion considered second-wave feminism infantile. Plus: Why are millennials so idealistic?

Is power about independence or interdependence?

Theologian John Thatamanil contrasts the views of Trump and Pope Francis. Plus: Trump as an affront to God.

Parenting artificial intelligence

Kevin Kelly, author of The Inevitable, argues that articulating our ethics is more challenging than embedding them in AI.

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Sin as a stain

Ben Perry and Joseph Lam on the staying power of biblical meta­phors. Plus: How metaphors shape discourse on slavery and sex.

Can a “not-self” be guilty as charged?

Robert Wright and Jonathan Gold, author of Paving the Great Way, discuss whether the Buddhist view of causality leaves space for moral agency. Plus: How real is real?

Does philosophy need religion?

Wesley Wildman argues that theology offers unique insights into the nature of being. Plus: Loving your enemy isn’t enough.

Behavior over beliefs

Secular Buddhist Stephen Batchelor explains how the Buddha revolutionized meditation. Plus: Why death is not the end.

The Wright Show

Rescued from the dustbin of history

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A long-lost, never-before-shown 2006 conversation between Robert Wright and “new atheist” Sam Harris.

The Wright Show

Will science ever explain consciousness?

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Margaret Werthiem, author of Physics on the Fringe, on the questions we should be asking about the mind.

Belief-boosted runners and the weird case of Coca-Cola poisoning

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Frank Bures, author of The Geography of Madness, on how “contagious” ideas can make you fast and make you sick. Plus: Penis theft panic.