11 February 2016


In the beginning . . .

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A scientifically respectable “higher purpose”

Robert Wright makes the case for a teleology that doesn’t involve “spooky forces.”

Finding meaning inside the Beltway

Heather Hurlburt on the hidden spiritual lives of public servants. Plus: the importance of being hokey.

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A defense of hypocrisy

Mathematicians Glen Whitney and John Allen Paulos consider why we should expect people to be inconsistent. Plus: Are we ruled by coincidence?

Is natural selection just a corollary?

Physicist Jeremy England argues that Darwinism is a “special case” of more general physical laws. Plus: Does physics leave room for free will?

The case for boredom

Robert Wright and Maria Popova discuss the benefits of “fruitful monotony.” Plus: Do social networks undermine the spirit of friendship?

Do religions have to give up their claims for supremacy?

Roger Haight and Paul Knitter, authors of Jesus & Buddha: Friends in Conversation, argue that religious pluralism is essential for peace on earth. Plus: Ultimate reality as common denominator.

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Do droids need a liberation movement?

Jason Eberl, author of The Ultimate Star Wars and Philosophy, considers the personhood of droids and makes a case for a droid MLK. Plus: Star Wars Philosophy 101.

Welcome to MeaningofLife.tv 2.0

We’re delighted to unveil a new website devoted to issues bearing on the meaning of life. This raises several questions. Who is this “we” who is so proud of this site? “We” are the ones who have been putting out Bloggingheads.tv—whose sister site MeaningofLife.tv is—for lo these many years. Why do we call this a “new” website if we’re also calling it “MeaningofLife.tv 2.0”? Well, back in the primordial era of internet video, one of us created a website called meaningoflife.tv, which has been dormant for a decade. What is the meaning of life? Sorry, we don’t do plot spoilers. We’ll leave that question for the people who appear on the site. What kinds of people are those? Like BhTV, MoLtv will feature people with differing viewpoints who enjoy thoughtful discourse free from the constraints imposed by mainstream TV and radio. What can you do to help? Glad you asked! You can start by clicking “Like” on the Facebook button below. Happy pondering!

The Wright Show

Shortage of meaning

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Paul Froese, author of On Purpose, investigates why the American poor have more stuff, but less sense of meaning than the poor of the world. Plus: No time for death anxiety.


Just toughen up?

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Philosophers Massimo Pigliucci and Daniel Fincke consider the difference between being stoic and being a Stoic. Plus: Advice on dealing with loss.


God: Supernatural or not?

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Daniel Kaufman and Rabbi Barbara Block consider evolving conceptions of God in Reform Judaism. Plus: How should religion adapt to modernity?