27 April 2017


Existentialist bio-Buddhism

Psychologist David Barash searches for the meaning of life by fusing biological, Buddhist and existentialist perspectives together. Play entire video

Siri says it’s terminal

Robert Wright and ethicist Wendell Wallach, author of A Dangerous Master, imagine how AI will affect health care. Plus: DIY pandemics.

“The only serious philosophical problem”

Philosophers Massimo Pigliucci and Skye Cleary compare and contrast the Stoic and the existentialist approaches to suicide. Plus: Existentialism vs. Stoicism

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Stop the clock

Howard Axelrod, author of The Point of Vanishing, on how living as a hermit for two years changed his perception of time. Plus: The hermit’s mind.

My brain made me do it!

Daniel Kaufman and Massimo Pigliucci on why science alone can’t explain behavior. Plus: The errors of Daniel Dennett.

Erasing war memories

Robert Wright and philosopher Matthew Liao raise ethical questions about using biotech to make better soldiers. Plus: Get cat vision, save the planet.

The Wright Show

What we talk about when we talk about consciousness

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Robert Wright and astrophysicist Adam Frank on the difficulty of understanding what is inside our heads. Plus: The ultimate weirdness.

The prison of belief

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Journalist Tony Ortega talks about the literal and metaphorical bars that keep people in Scientology. Plus: The sci-fi religion.