20 November 2017


Buddhists who hate

Scholar of religion Michael Jerryson, author of the forthcoming book If You Meet the Buddha on the Road, explains why Buddhists are attacking Muslims in Myanmar. Play entire video

Time is money, or vice versa

Mark O’Connell, author of To Be a Machine, discusses Silicon Valley’s inordinate interest in immortality. PlusSelf-made cyborgs.

How Luther made Christianity personal

Robert Wright and historian Craig Harline, author of A World Ablaze, discuss how Luther’s chronic remorse fostered the doctrine of salvation through faith. Plus: Protestantism celebrates its 500th anniversary.

“As you wish!”

Ethan Nichtern, author of the new book The Dharma of The Princess Bride, explains how the movie’s “optimistic deconstruction” of conventional narratives sets it apart from other ironic films. Plus: “Making friends with desire

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Why Buddhism is True

In a talk at Google, Robert Wright discusses the thesis of his new book on the science and philosophy of meditation and enlightenment.

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Finding community in secular society

Sociologist Joseph Baker, author of the book American Secularism, explains why the Unitarian Universalist church is growing while church attendance remains in decline nationally. Plus: Is Richard Dawkins bad for secularism?

Order from inequality

Daniel Kaufman and Daniel Tippens argue that the concept of justice must arise under conditions of scarcity. PlusDo comedians have a moral responsibility?

The Physics of Consciousness (or Vice Versa)

Physicist Paul Davies holds out hope for a quantum theory that could ‘incorporate consciousness in its description of the world’. Plus: Could information be the most fundamental stuff?


Does art have to elevate humanity?

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Daniel Kaufman questions Hegel on art’s inherent purpose. Plus: What art tells us.

The Wright Show

More atheists, fewer foxholes

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Historian of science Peter Harrison asserts that basic personal security, rather than science, is responsible for religious decline around the world. Plus: The elusive “rational” religion.

The Wright Show

The origin of culture

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Biologist Tyler Volk, author of the new book Quarks to Culture, explains his theory about early social networks. Plus: Does world peace start with inner peace?