20 August 2017


The surprising appeal of “many worlds”

Brian Greene explains why a bizarre-sounding interpretation of quantum physics is taken seriously. Play entire video

Wrestling with determinism

Ted Chiang, the writer behind Arrival, argues you should try to make an effort even if your future is set. Plus: Meet the Predictor.

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About that rebirth

Gil Fronsdal, author of The Buddha before Buddhism, talks about values Buddhism doesn’t quite share with its founder. Plus: What we need to let go of.

The awakened sociopath

Robert Wright and meditation teacher Daniel Ingram consider the paradox of gurus who behave badly. Plus: Resisting Trump wisely.

Degrees of agency

Philosopher Crispin Sartwell uses the 12-step program to illustrate his views on responsibility without free will. Plus: Is the state necessary?

What the hell is a law?

Crispin Sartwell, author of Entanglements, describes a materialist view of social realities. Plus: Penetrated by reality.

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Robots who reject polyamory

Bioethicists James Hughes and Regina Rini explain how artificial intelligence could shape the future of human morality. Plus: Raising moral machines.

The origin of free will

Philosopher Jay Garfield puts the notion of “free will” in historical context and explains why it doesn’t get much attention in Buddhist philosophy. Plus: Selflessness through selflessness.

The Wright Show

Get over it!

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Robert Wright and Massimo Pigliucci on what Buddhism and Stoicism say about dealing with regret. Plus: Anxious? Embrace it.


Do “you” exist?

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Daniel Kaufman and Robert Wright debate the Buddhist idea that there is no “self.” Plus: Would the world be worse if everyone were enlightened?

Skimming the surface of sleep

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Jason Siff, author of Thoughts Are Not The Enemy, explains why he allows his students to fall asleep during meditation. Plus: Think again, meditators!