26 May 2016


In the beginning . . .

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The New Atheists vs. The New Agnostics

In the first of five lectures outlining a new spiritual worldview that’s compatible with science, Robert Wright critiques the “New Atheists.”

Freedom in the world, not from the world

Anantanand Rambachan, author of A Hindu Theology of Liberation, considers the spiritual quest for a life without suffering. Plus: Unifying “unity” and “emptiness.”

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The perilous joy of outrage

Professor of Marketing Troy Campbell explains why it’s a mistake for social activists to use shame as a tool. Plus: The psychology of the global warming debate.

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The science of willpower

Journalist Daniel Engber and psychologist Robert Kurzban take a skeptical look at the “ego depletion” theory. Plus: Is psychology in crisis?

Don’t settle for slogans

David Kim and anthropologist John Jackson consider what a commitment to a diverse society requires. Plus: The challenge of understanding other people.

Varieties of psilocybin experience

Researchers David Yaden and Roland Griffiths discuss the spiritual aspects of psilocybin experiences. Plus: Using psilocybin to give up smoking.

Deed before creed

Anne Klaeysen, a leader of the New York Society for Ethical Culture, contrasts the society’s values with those of some “New Atheists.” Plus: God-shaped hole.

Welcome to MeaningofLife.tv 2.0

We’re delighted to unveil a new website devoted to issues bearing on the meaning of life. This raises several questions. Who is this “we” who is so proud of this site? “We” are the ones who have been putting out Bloggingheads.tv—whose sister site MeaningofLife.tv is—for lo these many years. Why do we call this a “new” website if we’re also calling it “MeaningofLife.tv 2.0”? Well, back in the primordial era of internet video, one of us created a website called meaningoflife.tv, which has been dormant for a decade. What is the meaning of life? Sorry, we don’t do plot spoilers. We’ll leave that question for the people who appear on the site. What kinds of people are those? Like BhTV, MoLtv will feature people with differing viewpoints who enjoy thoughtful discourse free from the constraints imposed by mainstream TV and radio. What can you do to help? Glad you asked! You can start by clicking “Like” on the Facebook button below. Happy pondering!

The Wright Show

The theist with a humanist soul

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Unitarian Universalist minister Hank Peirce explains his unconventional understanding of God. Plus: Do Unitarians believe in anything?

Buddhists back from the dead

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Annabella Pitkin and Alyson Prude discuss life-changing death experiences as recounted by Himalayan Buddhists. Plus: Life in Buddhist hell.

When you wish upon a tree

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Scholar of religion Jenny Butler explains an Irish folk practice intended to bring good fortune. Plus: Environmentalism as a spiritual practice.