29 July 2016


In the beginning . . .

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Why the Finns use sauna in diplomacy

“Saunatarian” Jack Tsonis says we tend to miss out on the social dimensions of sauna. Plus: Sauna as a spiritual experience.

Why Trump gets to be Trump

Philosopher Cristina Bicchieri on how fear changes social norms. Plus: Analyzing entrenched traditions.

Are philosophers like artists?

Daniel Kaufman and Massimo Pigliucci consider whether personal preferences outweigh reason when judging philosophical arguments. Plus: Has philosophy gotten “better”?

The evolution of ethics

Robert Wright and Daniel Kaufman consider the ways in which humanity has—and has not—made moral progress. Plus: Is it okay to kill a zombie?

The good (and bad) of cosmopolitanism

Robert Wright and Jack Tsonis on the values associated with the “Axial Age.” Plus: The racist vibes of the Axial Age.

How do you know what’s real?

Robert Wright and researcher David Yaden wonder if self-transcendence is a truer state than everyday reality. Plus: Mystical states aren’t just for mystics.

Online actions that hurt IRL

Robert Wright and Virginia Heffernan, author of Magic and Loss: The Internet as Art, discuss the emotional permeability of the Internet. Plus: Trump as angry poet.

The Wright Show

What would Spinoza say about modern-day USA?

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Spinoza scholar Steven Nadler argues that American politics is infected by religion. Plus: Spinoza and Buddhism.

The Wright Show

Awakening to one’s flaws

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Meditation teacher Kenneth Folk explains why seeing the roots of our biases is both useful and difficult. Plus: Meta-okayness.

The Wright Show

Sunni vs. Shia, Protestant vs. Catholic

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Robert Wright and Daniel Kaufman discuss whether religion is the root cause of “sectarian” conflicts. Plus: Caveman ethics.