3 May 2016


In the beginning . . .

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The ethics of eating

Daniel Kaufman and Massimo Pigliucci consider the philosophy behind food choices such as veganism and omnivorism.

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Do yogis dream of illusory sheep?

Jay Mutzafi, host of The Lucid Dreaming Podcast, describes how Buddhists use lucid dreaming to subvert rigid perceptions of what’s real and what’s not. Plus: Virtual reality of dreams.

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Don’t despair

William Irwin, author of The Free Market Existentialist, challenges the stereotype that existentialism leads to pessimism. Plus: The compatibility of existentialism and capitalism.

What is an authentic mystical experience?

Researchers David Yaden and Alex Belser compare the benefits of drug-induced and spontaneous mystical experiences. Plus: Positive outcomes of bad trips.

The prescience of Teilhard de Chardin

Krista Tippett, author of Becoming Wise, finds hope in a Jesuit paleontologist’s insights about the future. Plus: The need for poetic language in political discourse.

Life is but a dream

Philosopher Evan Thompson, author of Waking, Dreaming, Being, considers what the variety of dream states can teach us about the self. Plus: What is it like to die?

A brief history of Jubus

Sociologist Emily Sigalow sketches the century-long story of interplay between Judaism and Buddhism in America. Plus: Varieties of Jewish meditation.

Welcome to MeaningofLife.tv 2.0

We’re delighted to unveil a new website devoted to issues bearing on the meaning of life. This raises several questions. Who is this “we” who is so proud of this site? “We” are the ones who have been putting out Bloggingheads.tv—whose sister site MeaningofLife.tv is—for lo these many years. Why do we call this a “new” website if we’re also calling it “MeaningofLife.tv 2.0”? Well, back in the primordial era of internet video, one of us created a website called meaningoflife.tv, which has been dormant for a decade. What is the meaning of life? Sorry, we don’t do plot spoilers. We’ll leave that question for the people who appear on the site. What kinds of people are those? Like BhTV, MoLtv will feature people with differing viewpoints who enjoy thoughtful discourse free from the constraints imposed by mainstream TV and radio. What can you do to help? Glad you asked! You can start by clicking “Like” on the Facebook button below. Happy pondering!

The existentialism of Metallica

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David Masciotra and William Irwin get philosophical about heavy metal music. Plus: The libertarian safety net.

The Wright Show

God is love, literally

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Writer Gregg Easterbrook wishes for more radicalism in Christian theology, and proposes “God is love” as a centerpiece for left-wing theology. Plus: Killing Hitler for God.

Love-Driven Politics

Rethinking suffering

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Rebecca Solnit considers the implications of the Buddhist vow to save all beings. Plus: Embrace the unknown.