1 March 2021


Solving the mystery of dark matter

Robert Wright talks with Nobel Prize-winning physicist Frank Wilczek, author of the new book Fundamentals, about the axion, a hypothesized particle that could explain why much of the universe’s mass seems to be missing. Play entire video

The far left, the far right, and the far out

Nikita Petrov pitches a premise for a metaphysical system to John Horgan: ideas as living beings that enter this world through humans.

The death of public discourse and the rise of Trump

Daniel Kaufman and David Ottlinger discuss how backlash against left-wing orthodoxies may have helped Trump get elected in 2016.

Why does confirmation bias feel so good?

Robert Wright and Josh Summers discuss the evolutionary utility of cognitive biases.

Sex, death, and science

Nikita Petrov talks to John Horgan about his new book, Pay Attention: Sex, Death, and Science, which contextualizes big philosophical questions within the everyday thoughts of a science writer.

Quantum spookiness explained!

Science writer George Musser explains one of physics’ strangest concepts to John Horgan.

How young is too young for movement conservatism?

Daniel Kaufman and Kevin Currie-Knight air their worries about the young intellectual Coleman Hughes’ career path.

Proofs for God

Daniel Kaufman and Megan Fritts debate the contemporary relevance of philosophy of religion.


Are schools necessary?

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Robert Gressis and Kevin Currie-Knight discuss the success of students who learn outside of a traditional school environment.

Mind-Body Problems

Defending the many-worlds hypothesis

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Science writer Adam Becker offers a possible explanation of the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics.

Mind-Body Problems

A new interpretation of quantum mechanics

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John Horgan dives into quantum mechanics and the mind-body problem with science writer Amanda Gefter.