12 December 2019


Epicureanism vs. Stoicism

Robert Wright speaks with Catherine Wilson, author of the new book How to Be an Epicurean, about the rival ancient philosophies. Play entire video

The disappointing personal morality of moral philosophers

Daniel Kaufman and Massimo Pigliucci discuss whether philosophy makes one better at living.

How empathy can tear us apart

Robert Wright speaks with psychologist Paul Bloom about a new study on empathy and political polarization.

The online porn effect

Daniel Kaufman and Meghan Daum, author of the new book The Problem with Everything, discuss the ways that online pornography has changed Millennials’ attitudes toward sex.

The problem with original sin

Robert Wright speaks with theologian Roger Haight, author of the new book Faith and Evolution: Grace-Filled Naturalism.

Reasons to think we’re living in a simulation

Philosopher Preston Greene explains why some very smart people think reality is unlikely to be real.

How do you know your hands exist?

Daniel Kaufman and Crispin Sartwell debate Wittgenstein and philosophical skepticism.

A Nobel winner!

Science writer John Horgan explains the “long bet” he just won over string theory and the Nobel Prize in Physics.

The Wright Show

Varieties of mystical experience

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Robert Wright speaks with Jay Michaelson, author of the new book Enlightenment by Trial and Error, about enlightenment in the Buddhist and Jewish traditions.


A changed heart vs. a false front

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David Ottlinger speaks with philosopher J.P. Messina about the distorting effects of social censorship.

The Wright Show

Don’t fear the algorithm

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Robert Wright speaks with communications professor Nicholas Diakopoulos, author of the new book Automating the News: How Algorithms Are Rewriting the Media.