29 November 2020


Is it wrong to not vote?

Daniel Kaufman speaks with Kevin Currie-Knight, who chose not to vote in the recent election. Play entire video

Debating standpoint theory

Philosophers Daniel Kaufman and Crispin Sartwell examine the idea of “standpoint,” which is often deployed in debates over race and gender.

The necessity and dangers of “expertise”

John Horgan and historian of science and technology Lee Vinsel discuss real experts and false authorities.

A controversial review

Daniel Kaufman and Robert Gressis discuss Oliver Traldi’s review of philosopher Kate Manne’s new book Entitled, which sparked an online backlash.

Has social media hijacked our minds?

Robert Wright and Josh Summers discuss The Social Dilemma, a new documentary highly critical of social media.

Why do we have reason?

Philosophers Robert Gressis and Jaime Edwards consider, especially through the lens of Marx’s philosophy.

How can there be persons?

Philosophers Daniel Kaufman and Joshua Rasmussen consider.

What makes the Marvel films great

Daniel Kaufman speaks with comic book writer Milton Lawson.

The Wright Show

The Logos

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Robert Wright and Josh Summers discuss one approach to reconciling science with belief in a higher purpose.

The Wright Show

The tradition of liberal Protestantism

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Robert Wright speaks with Guthrie Graves-Fitzsimmons, author of the new book Just Faith: Reclaiming Progressive Christianity.

The Wright Show

Mindfully coping with anger on social media

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Robert Wright speaks with meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg, author of the new book Real Change: Mindfulness to Heal Ourselves and the World.