22 January 2019


The paradoxical psychology of a great movie ending

Golden Globe–winning producer Lindsay Doran discusses an odd disjunction between how movies end and how we remember them ending. Play entire video

On being canceled

Daniel Kaufman and Oliver Traldi discuss the professional risk involved in expressing heterodox views in the field of philosophy.

A postmodern view of the Bible

Philosopher and theologian John D. Caputo explains how he understands Scripture.

The weird world of epigenetics

Contrary to longstanding dogma, heredity can be influenced by the environment. Robert Wright and philosopher Massimo Pigliucci discuss.

The Incredible Hulk and the dangers of individualism

Aryeh Cohen-Wade talks to Travis Smith, author of Superhero Ethics, which uses comic book characters as a lens to examine ethics and values. presents: Changing your mind

We asked people around the country about opinions they once held but have since abandoned.

Is punk dead or forever young?

Philosopher Dan Kaufman asks writer E. John Winner, a veteran of the NYC punk scene, whether the well of youthful rebellion springs eternal. presents: Difficulty communicating

This year, we talked to people around the country about their greatest challenges in communicating with other people.

Culturally Determined

The interpretation of dreams

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Aryeh Cohen-Wade speaks with Alice Robb, author of the new book Why We Dream, about the meaning of events—such as one’s teeth falling out—that happen in our dreams.

Mind-Body Problems

Is there a female psyche?

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John Horgan speaks with economist and transgender woman Deirdre McCloskey about how her unique experience informs her understanding of the mind-body problem.

Mind-Body Problems

The science of the inexplicable

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Theoretical biologist Stuart Kauffman recounts how a premonition of his daughter’s tragic death shaped his ideas about consciousness.