10 May 2021


Do our intentions matter?

Robert Wright and psychologist Paul Bloom discuss why we punish people for unintentional transgressions. Play entire video

Approaches to ultimate reality

Robert Wright and John Thatamanil, author of the new book Circling the Elephant, discuss how different religious traditions try to access divinity

Reframing the DMT experience

Nikita Petrov describes his conflicted relationship with “DMT entities” and how encountering them changed his thoughts on Scientology.

Is humanity making progress?

Nikita Petrov and John Horgan provide a mystical perspective on Steven Pinker’s case for informed optimism.

Rejecting “shut up and calculate”

Philosopher Tim Maudlin explains why he thinks that quantum mechanics is not as resistant to interpretation as some people think.

The Copernican revolution in philosophy

Robert Wright and David Ottlinger discuss Kant’s understanding of the relationship between the mind and the world.

Solving the mystery of dark matter

Robert Wright talks with Nobel Prize-winning physicist Frank Wilczek, author of the new book Fundamentals, about the axion, a hypothesized particle that could explain why much of the universe’s mass seems to be missing.

Are schools necessary?

Robert Gressis and Kevin Currie-Knight discuss the success of students who learn outside of a traditional school environment.

Mind-Body Problems

The agnosticism of the novelist

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John Horgan talks with novelist and neuroscientist Erik Hoel, author of the new novel The Revelations, about how to reconcile science and fiction.

The Wright Show

How meditation can make us better global citizens

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Robert Wright explains how mindfulness could help humanity overcome destructive cognitive biases.


The far left, the far right, and the far out

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Nikita Petrov pitches a premise for a metaphysical system to John Horgan: ideas as living beings that enter this world through humans.