25 April 2019


The domestication of the human species

Primatologist Richard Wrangham, author of the new book The Goodness Paradox, discusses how our ancestors dealt with violent males—and made our species gentler. Play entire video

Beauty and the divine

Robert Wright and theologian John Thatamanil discuss the role of beauty in the “process theology” of Alfred North Whitehead.

Fingernail clippings and other problems with bodily resurrection

B. D. McClay discusses how early Christian thinkers tried to reckon with the body and the spirit.

Eating meat without killing animals

Robert Wright speaks with Paul Shapiro, author of Clean Meat, about the future of lab-grown meat.

Is there a Darwinian explanation for depression?

Robert Wright speaks with Randolph Nesse, author of the new book Good Reasons for Bad Feelings: Insights from the Frontier of Evolutionary Psychiatry.

You can’t measure human dignity

Tripp Fuller, host of the Homebrewed Christianity podcast, critiques the worldview of some of the “New Atheists.”

The world as a conversation

Nikita Petrov and John Horgan contemplate the nature of reality and the mystery of human communication.

What is truth, anyway?

Philosophers Daniel Kaufman and Crispin Sartwell discuss the “true” meaning of truth according to different branches of philosophy.

The Wright Show

Is three a crowd?

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Robert Wright speaks with evolutionary psychologist Geoffrey Miller about the logic and benefits of polyamorous relationships.


Analytic vs. continental philosophy

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Philosophers Daniel Kaufman and Crispin Sartwell discuss the divide between the two schools of philosophical thought.

The Wright Show

Are we ready for designer babies?

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Robert Wright speaks with venture capitalist Jason Pontin about the consequences of a new and powerful gene editing technology.