18 October 2019


A Nobel winner!

Science writer John Horgan explains the "long bet" he just won over string theory and the Nobel Prize in Physics. Play entire video

Millennials and magic

Aryeh Cohen-Wade speaks with Cait Raft and Drew Spears, the cohosts of This Podcast Is Self Care, about why many young people are embracing tarot, astrology, and crystals.

Describing “ultimate reality”

Daniel Kaufman and Massimo Pigliucci discuss whether physicists will be ever able to describe the structure of reality.

The philosophy of aspiration

Robert Wright speaks with philosopher Agnes Callard, author of the book Aspiration: The Agency of Becoming, about how we change what we value.

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The Negative Mystical Experience

Seattle-based artist David Poleski describes how a sudden feeling of “being stabbed in the psyche” set him off on a spiritual quest and led to a conflict with Sai Baba, India’s “miracle man.”

The traits that make your self yourself

Robert Wright speaks with psychologist Nina Strohminger about her research on the essential components of the self.

Can quantum physics solve the free will and mind-body puzzles?

Robert Wright speaks with Alexander Wendt, author of the book Quantum Mind and Social Science, about two of philosophy’s most intractable problems.

The Wright Show

Watch what you say!

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Bhikkhu Bodhi, a translator of ancient Buddhist texts, discusses the demanding Buddhist ideal of “right speech.”


Are boycotts ethical?

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Philosopher David Ottlinger speaks with business ethics professor Carson Young.


What comes after postmodernism?

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Daniel Kaufman and E. John Winner ponder a future of cultural stagnation.