21 September 2021


James Lindsay climbs aboard the Trump train

David Ottlinger and journalist Cathy Young discuss the controversial anti-woke crusader's support for Donald Trump. Play entire video

Crime and Punishment and Determinism

Robert Wright and journalist Oliver Burkeman ask whether a commitment to determinism would require us to rethink our approach to criminal justice.

Looking at pornography (for insights into human evolution)

Robert Wright and anthropologist Agustín Fuentes debate whether studying porn viewing habits helps us understand the evolution of human sexuality.

Ten tools for embracing your finitude

Robert Wright and Oliver Burkeman, author of the new book Four Thousand Weeks, discuss some workable time management techniques.

The “apologist” smear

Robert Wright and Josh Summers discuss the stigmatization of people who try to understand the behavior of adversaries.

Dissecting Darwin

Robert Wright and anthropologist Agustín Fuentes, author of a controversial article on The Descent of Man, try to unpack Darwin’s attitudes on race and genocide.

Is “information” the key to quantum mechanics?

John Horgan and science writer Philip Ball discuss the roles of consciousness and calculation in quantum mechanics.

It’s time for a psychological revolution!

In a conversation with Rob Wiblin, a leader of the effective altruism movement, Robert Wright argues that unchecked cognitive biases are pushing the world toward disaster.

The Wright Show

What do we want from science?

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Robert Wright and John Horgan discuss whether quantum computing can help us understand how quantum mechanics actually works.

Mind-Body Problems

Is free will incompatible with the laws of physics?

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John Horgan and physicist Sabine Hossenfelder debate whether a belief in free will requires us to deny some of the fundamental laws of physics.


Hitting the existential brick wall

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Over a slideshow of his work, the artist David Poleski describes a devastating “negative mystical experience” he had in 1974.