28 March 2020


Why are Mormons so happy?

Robert Wright speaks with Ruth Whippman, author of the book America the Anxious. Play entire video

The danger of trauma becoming an identity

Aryeh Cohen-Wade speaks with Jesse Singal, author of the recent article “The Rise of PTSD.”

“The Dao that can be told is not the eternal Dao”

Robert Wright speaks with Daoism scholar Robin Wang about the famous opening line of the Dao De Jing.

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Between a zombie and a madman

Nikita Petrov and John Horgan discuss the disruptive nature of psychedelics and the limitations of the habitual mind.

The case against Hell

David Bentley Hart, author of the new book That All Shall Be Saved: Heaven, Hell, and Universal Salvation, argues against the traditional Christian understanding of the afterlife.

Is pansexuality obligatory?

Daniel Kaufman speaks with philosopher Robert Gressis, who recently examined the question in an essay.

Sympathy for Sandler

Daniel Kaufman and Milton Lawson discuss the immoral main character of Uncut Gems, played by Adam Sandler. (Contains spoilers.)

Revisiting Plato’s Ring of Gyges

Philosophers Daniel Kaufman and Spencer Case use the myth of a ring that grants invisibility to debate moral realism.

The Wright Show

Buddhist wisdom via snakes and lizards

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Narayan Helen Liebenson, author of the book The Magnanimous Heart: Compassion and Love, Loss and Grief, Joy and Liberation, recalls her months of meditation in a jungle in Thailand.


Why is it harder to be a girl now, when society is less sexist?

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Daniel Kaufman speaks with journalist Helen Joyce, who is writing a book about gender.

The Wright Show

What explains the taboo against the academic study of UFOs?

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Robert Wright speaks with political scientist Alexander Wendt, who recently delivered a TEDx talk titled “Wanted: A Science of UFOs.”