Want to record a sixty-second sermon? Here are the guidelines.

A sixty-second sermon certainly doesn't have to be religious, but should have some of the features traditionally found in religious sermons:

  • It can be uplifting, inspiring, a call-to-action, a moral exhortation, or even a diatribe or lamentation.
  • It can offer spiritual guidance, sage counsel, or plain old self-help. In fact, we hope a lot of the sermons will contain such elements. There’s a big need for spiritual guidance, sage counsel, and self-help these days.
  • It can be a reflection on some philosophical puzzle or an ode to the beauty of something or other.
  • It can involve politics, but if so it should have a moral or spiritual dimension. In other words, no monologues about the macroeconomic effects of the earned income tax credit.

  • Your sermon absolutely can't be longer than 89 seconds (i.e. it must be closer to one minute than two).

    All videos will be screened before posting to make sure they comply broadly with the values of

    Record your sermon using the video tool of your choice and upload using the form below. If you wish, you can use the free browser tool available at to record.

    Some technical tips:

    Don't leave much room between the top of your head and the edge of the screen, and stay roughly in the center of the screen. In other words, it should look something like this:

    Attach video: 

    After you click the send button below, it may take several minutes for your video to upload. Please do not close or reload the page. You will see a confirmation page when your upload is complete.

    Your twitter handle and website URL, if you’ve provided them, will appear below the video of your sermon. If you’d like a brief message, along with a link, to show up at the end of the video, just provide the text (not to exceed 50 characters) in the box below, along with a URL. Then when people click on the text, they’ll go to the web page you’ve specified. For example, “My book on the virtues of mindfulness meditation” could, when clicked on, lead to, and “Join my crusade to save the world” could lead to a web page about your crusade to save the world.